TIGI Hair Journey

Unilever brand TIGI makes hair care products for a variety of customers. The Hair Reborn product line is designed for women who are wanting to have a transformative experience. With this in mind, I created the Hair Journey, a website that lets women select the transformative process that's right for them based on the desired end goal. Aspirational, stylish and experiential were the emotional drivers behind this creative solution.


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Candy Fixations

To promote their new line of hair care products, TIGI developed BedHead's Candy Fixations. Their in-house photographers shot models with wild and fantastic hairstyles and then asked us to create an online campaign to help reach their audience of hair stylists. We created a series of online ads as well as a Facebook promotion that drove people to watch video content demonstrating hairstyling techniques using these new products.



Nastia Liukin

To kick off its multi-year deal with the 5-time Olympic Gold Medalist, TIGI arranged for renowned British photographer Alex Barron-Hough to do a photo shoot with Liukin not only in the studio, but also in the gym.

We prodcued three videos — :30, :60 and :90 seconds — for an integrated marketing campaign to promote the BedHead product line. Our content strategy was geared toward capturing the beauty, glamour and fascinating side of Liukin’s unique life.

Creatively, we were able to catch moments of the day-long photo shoot that demonstrate how Liukin truly embodies the characteristics that BedHead by TIGI is all about — high energy, fun, sexy and far from ordinary. An edgy, custom music track composed by David Armstrong was used to accompany the behind-the-scenes footage of her at the gym, posing in studio for the photo shoot, and even candid moments during hair and makeup.

The videos are designed for TV, web and promotional purposes and were played in salons carrying TIGI products. Additionally, we produced a :15 second version of the video that ran on the jumbotron in New York’s Time Square on Black Friday and throughout the 2012 holiday shopping season.

2012-Black-Friday---Tigi-Haircare REV.jpg


TIGI World Release Facebook

Every year, TIGI hosts a huge, international event where they announce new product launches and promotions for the coming year. It's called TIGI World Release. To increase engagement through experiential marketing and social media, we created the TIGI Photo Booth Facebook promotion. Through social media, we invited everyone in attendance to have their glamour shots taken at the TIGI Photo Booth for their chance to win big prizes. First prize was a chance to assist in a high-profile cover shoot at the NY Academy. We developed the promotion, including the photo booth, a week's worth of Facebook posts, and promotion management with fulfillment.