Making Sweet Music for a New Brand

Spacejunk is a New York based music company that creates live music experiences with curated content in an exhibition format. They turned to us to craft their brand image and develop their marketing campaign. We turned to vinyl for our inspiration and scoured the racks of every record store in Brooklyn’s most happening hipster hangouts. The result is a pitch perfect brand identity.


Brand Identity. Sputnik takes us back to the beginning of the Cold War and the Space Race, when everything was “atomic” and “space age”. By making the Sputnik satellite into a record, it ties all of that into our promise of music.


Brand Guide. We fashioned the Brand Guide into a Brand Album, finding inspiration in some of the best albums in our collection of vinyl.


Online Promotion Campaign. We also created a series of graphics for their social media and Spotify posts promoting their Friday Listening collaborative playlists.


Advertising.  We created the advertising campaign titled "What Inspires You?" that focuses on music legends and the people and events that made them into legends.


Website. The website we designed promotes their brand, their venues, and their playlists.


Relevant Experience


CBDiscovery. Our work with the Canna Explorer Club began with a brand workshop. It was through our workshop that we learned about their monthly box club of CBD products. Our brand strategy, Discover Healthier, became the driving factor in changing their brand name to CBDiscovery. Our ad campaign, “Open your self up,” was used to invite members to join the club.