Spacejunk is a New York based music company that creates live music experiences with curated content in an exhibition format. I created their brand identity in the form of their Brand Album along with an advertising campaign titled "What Inspires You?" that focuses on music legends and the people and events that made them into legends. I also created a series of graphics for their social media and Spotify posts promoting their Friday Listening collaborative playlists. It all comes together in the website I designed that promotes their brand, their venues, and their playlists.


The Spacejunk Logo

This is the revised Spacejunk logo. We reviewed several different fonts that evoke a retro feel but are easily legible even at the smallest sizes. We like a retro script font because it offers a hand written elegance in contrast to the scientific nature of the word “space” and the crudeness of the word “junk.” It seems appropriately ironic while also pulling from the past to bring that retro feel that seems appropriate for the mission of the brand. We then modified the selected logo type, adjusting character spacing, making the “cap S” larger, and moving the dot over the lowercase J down in line with the rest of the lowercase characters. This made the perfect space for the sputnik icon.

And we worked more on the sputnik icon. We really like this as a symbol for space — and junk in space. The historical significance of Sputnik takes us back to the beginning of the Cold War as well as the Space Race, when everything was “atomic” and “space age” which evokes an excellent sense of nostalgia. By making the Sputnik satellite into a record, it ties all of that into our promise of music. Finally, we enlarged the icon and placed it centered above the logo type. This has the effect of leading the eye to see “record” first and "satellite” second. It creates a nice “ah-ha” moment when seeing the logo for the first time. We experimented with sizes until we achieved a perfect balance between icon and logo font when enlarged as well as greatly reduced in size.


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