Service Experts

Service Experts provides HVAC installation and repair services across the US and Canada. Bringing humanity to this otherwise technical category was the creative challenge. Here are two examples, "Inside Man" and "Stop the Sneezes" that do just that.


The Inside Man

Most people completely ignore their air conditioner and furnace — until it's too late. And then they're paying too much for emergency service because they took their home comfort system for granted. This campaign is changing all that by humanizing the home comfort system. This series of humorous spots answers the question, "What would happen if your home comfort system could talk?"


Stop the Sneezes

In the home comfort category it’s notoriously difficult to create relevant social content. By and large, people want to be entertained on social media, and there’s not much entertaining about HVAC. Enter adorable puppies, adorable babies, and the tiniest little sneezes you can imagine.

The video was fun and the results were serious. In less than a week, my short, 30-second video has reached over 140k views on Facebook. More importantly, I was able to get over 140,000 people to think differently about the quality of air in their home, and think of Service Experts as the authority in air quality and home comfort. Not bad for less than 30 seconds of sneezes.