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Brand Services Pricing

We provide a range of services, bundled and á la carte, to help you move your brand in a positive direction.

Brand Strategy

Powerful positioning comes from knowledge and insights drawn from your competition, your customers and your marketplace. Start your brand down the right path with an effective Brand Strategy.

The Positive Brand Strategy includes the following services:

  • primary and secondary research on the brand
  • secondary research on the customers
  • secondary research on the competitors
  • Brand Worksheet surveys of the brand's stakeholders
  • 2 phone interviews with primary brand stakeholder
  • Brand Strategy development and definition
  • recommended positioning statements
  • Brand Strategy presentation




Creating the right image for your brand is paramount. A powerful brand is the product of creativity and craft. Give your brand the amazing image it deserves with an impactful Brand Design.

The Positive Brand 3 Stage Approach to logo design:



Initial design options. We provide 5 - 10 initial logo design directions based on your input or brand strategy.


Refinement. Once you’ve selected a direction, we provide revised designs that define the logo's final approach.


Completion. With approval, we add the finishing touches to the logo, finalizing all of the aspects of its design including fonts, colors, and uses.




Brand Guide

Strong brands are managed with discipline and consistency. Your brand will regularly be subjected to outside support. Ensure that your brand stays on its course to greatness with a comprehensive Brand Guide.

The standard format includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Introduction to the Brand
  • Overview of the Brand Guide
  • The Brand Strategy
  • The Brand's Positive Attributes
  • Identity Elements including The Mark and the Logo Type
  • Logo Color Versions and Variations
  • Vertical and Horizontal Logo Versions and Variations
  • Logo Spacing Specifications
  • Logo Colors: RGB, CMYK, PMS and HEX Specs
  • Typography and Fonts for all Branded Communication
  • Incorrect Logo Presentation Rules
  • The Brand's Audience Personas
  • The Brand's Primary Marketing Campaign Elements
  • Examples of the Brand's Marketing Campaign



Brand Workshop

Getting the entire team involved in the shaping of the brand strategy and brand position generates momentum behind your brand's direction. Propel your brand forward with a collaborative Brand Workshop.

This interactive work session for your brand includes the following:

  • Primary and secondary research on your brand
  • Primary and secondary research on your customers
  • Secondary research on your competitors
  • Brand Worksheet surveys of the brand's stakeholders
  • A 3 - 5 hour collaborative work session with the
  • brand's primary stakeholders
  • Follow up surveys with customers
  • Brand strategy development and definition
  • Recommended positioning statements
  • Recommended key messaging
  • Recommended campaign concepts
  • Recommended media strategy
  • Brand Strategy and Campaign Concepts presentation and consultation



Brand Service Bundles

Combine our Branding Services together and save money.


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Move Your Brand in a Positive Direction

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation. If you are interested in taking the next step, please feel free to complete the Brand Worksheet here. There is no obligation or commitment when you submit your information and the information you share is completely confidential.


All of the details on the Positive Brand Workshop are available to download in a convenient, easy-to-share PDF. This downloadable eBrochure includes all of the information about the Brand Workshop with full descriptions of all the deliverables plus info on pricing and timing. Download the PDF here.