POP CULTURE. Pepsi is youthful energy. Unlike Coca-Cola, which attaches itself to the feelings of the nostalgic past, Pepsi is always in the present moment. When the present moment reveals something new and amazing, Pepsi is right there. And pop culture is where it all happens. For us, creating online marketing for Pepsi was always about immersion.


CONTENT. You can’t tell people that you’re cool. You have to be cool. Behave cool. Cool is a matter of taste. And for Pepsi, what was really cool was sharing our great taste in pop culture through fantastic content. We curated and shared the latest revelations of pop culture through the most thrilling music, games, movies and sports.


MUSIC. We created original, exclusive music experiences for Pepsi: Live music webcasts with artists like Kiss and Lenny Kravitz; music broadcasts like Pepsi Smash; engagement with artists like Beyonce and Britney Spears; free music through Pepsistuff; and Pepsi Choose Your Music, the online mixtape maker.


MOVIES. We connected people to fantastic movies by creating exclusive, original content: Behind the scenes access to the A-list including Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Mike Meyers, and Liam Neeson. Our microsite for Antz was actually the website the film used on all of their posters and promotions. And for Star Wars, we gave fans their first ever look at the newest characters in the Star Wars universe.


GAMES. For gamers, we offered access to advanced previews of the most anticipated titles before they were available any place else. We gave away consoles. Provided walkthroughs and cheats. Created original games like Superstar Driver. And gave away tons of digital toys through Pepsistuff.


SPORTS. Online, we connected Pepsi to every major sporting event in the world, including the World Cup, the All-Star Game, the World Series, NCAA Final Four, the X-Games, and the Super Bowl. And we gave people online access to some of the world’s top athletes like Jeff Gordon, Ken Griffey Jr., Sammy Sosa, and Tara Dakides. 


PROMOTIONS. We kept our audience thirsty by giving them fun, engaging promotions that weren’t available anyplace else. Our Pepsistuff promotion registered over 250K people in the first three days and was named Revolution Magazine's Marketing Campaign of the Year. Through our promotions we helped decide the winners of the MTV music awards, gave away tickets to the Super Bowl, created personalized Pepsi cans, and made Pepsi the online destination for millions of people.


UI/UX. When creating the online Pepsi experience, it was vital to make it current, contemporary, and fresh. So we re-invented the entire Pepsiworld website every month. The main content categories stayed the same — music, movies, games, and sports — but the interface, the navigation, the entire experience was always something new and fresh.


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