Helping a Storied Brand Sing a New Tune

Our client, The Marketing Arm, was challenged by Pabst Blue Ribbon to disrupt 21 to 25 year-old shoppers in digital and physical worlds and execute a music program that is applicable to retail. It’s called the Pabst Sound Society. We took the assignment and made this program sing.

PBR Cans.png
PBR 12PKs.png

PACKAGE DESIGN. To reinforce the Indie cred of the musicians involved, we explored a variety of ways to celebrate the artists without exploiting their art.

PBR displays.png

IN-STORE DISPLAY. Standing out in the retail space is vital to the success of this campaign. So we created murals with the packaging and breadcrumbs to attract shoppers.

PBR promotions01.png
PBR promotions02.png

PROMOTIONS. We turned buying a beer into an act of altruism. Now when shoppers choose PBR, they’re choosing to support a musician in need.

PBR onPremise.png

ON PREMISE DISPLAY. Retail isn’t the only place where we can reach beer drinkers. We extended our campaign into bars and restaurants with surprise and humor.


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PEPSIWORLD. When we first started working on PepsiWorld, we completely revised the website every month. The content categories were always the same: movies, music, sports and games — but the content, the design and even the interface was fresh and new every time. While working on PepsiWorld for Tribal DDB, we earned numerous industry awards including multiple Cannes' CyberLions.