Media Planning & Buying

The creative and strategic leadership of Positive Brand has been developing online and traditional marketing campaigns for over 20 years for brands like Pepsi, American Airlines,  Subaru, and JCPenney just to name a few. Our vast experience with online and traditional media has helped to shape a POV and strategic approach that has been tested and refined by thousands of campaigns. But when it comes to media buying power and planning insights, we turn to our strategic partners.

Through our strategic partnerships, Positive Brand delivers media planning and buying expertise and leverage. By partnering with the powerhouses of the media industry, Positive Brand is able to provide our clients with best-in-class media consulting and planning without the overhead that comes from keeping those resources in-house. Best of all, our media partners have the market clout and the spending power to deliver significant cost savings in every plan.


With the help of our media partners, Positive Brand offers full-service media planning and buying. From comprehensive media strategies to proprietary solutions—programmatic, data, local, social, network, email, search—we reach your audience, across the street and across the country.

Through data science, audience storytelling, and cutting edge planning technology, we craft impactful media plans based on metrics, demographics, behaviors, and market reach. And by using predictive modeling, we isolate media from within an integrated campaign and accurately measure lift.

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We save you even more money and deliver more value through our partnerships with third-party data providers that represent the best in this business. Our partners are proven industry leaders, who deliver the insights and technology that are the foundation of successful campaign strategy.

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Move your brand in a positive direction.

From inventive creative ideas to innovative marketing strategies, Positive Brand will help raise your brand to a whole new level. You can trust our experience and benefit from our efficient approach to service. Contact us today and we'll show you how we're making a big difference for companies of all sizes.