Keeping an Iconic Brand Rolling

Staying relevant for a familiar brand can be a big challenge. Our client, The Marketing Arm, was faced with this problem every day while serving the marketing needs of their client Goodyear. So, TMA turned to us for extra help. We visited Wal-Mart tire centers, attended NASCAR events, and did everything short of getting run over in our effort to better understand the customer’s relationship with this brand. Then we made tracks.


EVENT MARKETING. We created the ultimate NASCAR experience and invited shoppers and employees alike to literally feel what it’s like on race day.  


LOYALTY PROGRAM. To encourage brand loyalty, we invited customers personally to join our club. And we rewarded them with exclusive perks and privileges.


WIN BACK CAMPAIGN. There is a certain segment of the Goodyear customer database that has stubbornly refused to return to the store. It takes creativity to change people’s minds.


PROFESSIONAL SPORTS SPONSORSHIP. We developed this concept for their sponsorship of the Cavaliers. By adding animated wings to the feet of a basketball player, we made the winged foot logo of Goodyear a natural part of the game.


Related Experience


LEXUS OF FLORIDA. There is an exception for every rule. This fact of life became the insight we used to create the launch campaign for a new Lexus Dealership in Florida. Touting a "dealership like no other" we created a campaign that runs on all cylinders — on TV, outdoor, print, and online. We developed this creative work for our client, Calise Partners, Lexus of Florida’s agency of record.