The ability to start a creative fire
is a latent power that's hidden inside of everyone.

Now you can release that power and start a creative revolution in your company, your department and your career.


You are a Creative Firestarter.

Just in case you've never owned up to your own creativity, it happens to be a fact. You are a creative person.  Everyone is a creative person. You are a creative being because you are a being that has been created. The creative energy that gave you life has left behind a spark of creativity in you.

From time to time, you have felt that spark burning, whether it helped you choose the clothes you wear, the choices you made at a restaurant, the place where you live, or the career you've chosen for yourself. Everyday you are creating a life for yourself whether or not you acknowledge those choices as creative decisions. Our ability to make intelligent choices makes us creative people. 

Not everyone uses their creative potential to the same degree. If you work in a company that either relies on creativity or desperately needs a creative boost, you already know how valuable creativity is in business. Unfortunately most people had either let their creative spark fizzle out a long time ago or they struggle to turn that spark into an energy-radiating fire.


That's where the Creative Firestarter Workshop comes in.


The Creative Firestarter Workshop is perfect for individuals, teams, departments, and entire companies that can benefit from cultivating a culture of creativity. When you, your team members, your department, or your entire company have been trained to generate strategically-driven creative ideas that propel your business forward, you become an unstoppable force.

If you can benefit from learning how to unblock your true creative potential, increase your creative output, improve the quality of your creative executions, and convince your team and your clients of the undeniable value of your creative ideas, then the Creative Firestarter Workshop is right for you.


Creative Firestarter Workshops are directed by Mike Heronime


Mike Heronime recieved his training as a creative professional at some of the largest ad agencies in the world (Bozell, DDB, The Marketing Arm) while working on some of the most powerful brands in the world (Pepsi, American Airlines, Nintendo, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble). Mike has been honored by numerous industry organizations (Cannes Festivals, One Show, SXSW) for his creative accomplishments. He has been identified in the press (Wired Magazine, Adweek, D Magazine, Revolution Magazine, iMedia) as a leading creative professional. Universities and organizations (The United States Air Force, America’s Blood Centers, the University of Texas, Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University, and Oklahoma University) have each invited Mike to speak with their organizations on the subject of creativity. He is a contributing author to Marketing Profs in the areas of advertising and social media and has trained a whole new generation of marketers through his Principles in Advertising course at the University of North Texas.

Mike always focuses on “the Big Idea”. He fosters a creative atmosphere and always stands up for the work. He is a strategic thinker who knows how to work with both his clients and his Creative Department.
— Matt Bergeson, Creative Director at FCB Chicago
Mike is a dedicated creative leader who sets the bar high for work that connects emotionally with consumers. Mike encourages his team to develop interactive concepts that are both strategically sound as well as technologically innovative in execution.
— Dave Gibson, Creative Director / Writer at The Martin Agency
Mike is one of the most creative and strategically sound thinkers that I know. When it comes to any kind of marketing communications endeavor, Mike would be the first person that I would engage.
— Reggie Sutton, Director of Digital Production at Dieste Inc
He has a passion for this business that inspires those around him to do better work and have a great time doing it. He’s truly one of my favorite people to work with.
— Christi Reynolds, Marketing Consultant, MRA Services
A huge proponent of the big idea Mike inspires and challenges the creative department to always push the work. Coupled with his keen strategic sense and ability to get the very last drop of insight squeezed out of a creative brief, he made a significant impact on not only the culture at KMA, but the level of the creative output.
— Frank Laudo, Global Creative Director at FIS
Mike has a genius for seeing the big picture, an almost prescient ability to forecast trends, and an unerring ability to create preemptive strategies that get results. Just ask his clients. They’re the ones smiling.
— Susan Taylor, Producer, Brand Strategist at Leap Creative Group

Mike Heronime's training has helped creative professionals earn positions with the most reputable creative companies in the world.


The Richards Group
Moroch Partners
Javelin Agency
United Entertainment Group
Rocket Red
Ogilvy & Mather
McCann Erickson

The Martin Agency
FCB Chicago
The Marketing Arm
Caliber Creative


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