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The Work

We love to play with problems, find the emotional center and tickle it until something amazing happens.
Here are a few amazing examples.


Gamestop 2020

For GameStop, we were challenged to completely rethink the shopping experience for their stores, helping them reposition themselves at the center of pop culture. Step One: Concepts. We answered the challenge with 17 creatively diverse ideas, each more innovative and imaginative than the next. You can see the first round of ideas here.




For the 2017 Holiday shopping season, we were tapped to help Nintendo with their experiential marketing in the malls across the nation. They asked us to help engage shoppers with surprise and delight and challenged us to produce buzzworthy content ideas  that could be captured on video and spread through traditional media as well as social media. We responded with a wide range of inventive concepts that included: Nintendo Mobile Family Portrait Studio, a portrait studio on wheels that included Nintendo characters magically integrated into your family portrait; Nintendo Magic Mirrors, a series of interactive monitors installed in malls that swap your reflection with a Nintendo character that mirrors your every move; Nintendo Valet, a complimentary valet parking service that returns your car full of presents from Nintendo; Mario's Magical Wish List, Holiday wish fulfillment via pneumatic tubes that instantly deliver the presents asked for straight from Mario Holiday HQ; Play With Your Food, video game inspired holiday menu items delivered via Nintendo Food Trucks; and JoyCon, a virtual joy convention dedicated to increasing the joy people experience during the Holidays. 




When we first started working on PepsiWorld, we completely revised the website every month. The content categories were always the same: movies, music, sports and games — but the content, the design and even the interface was fresh and new every time. Over time, the strategy for PepsiWorld changed to accommodate daily content updates. As always, the website was a showcase for mega-stars like Beyonce, Britney Spears, Jeff Gordon, Tom Hanks, and George Clooney. Our work on PepsiWorld earned numerous industry awards including multiple Cannes' CyberLions.




For Goodyear, we developed a concept for their sponsorship of the Cavaliers. By adding animated wings to the feet of a basketball player, we made the winged foot logo of Goodyear a natural part of the game. Our animation played itself out across the Humongotron in the stadium as well as signage and print around, in and during games. Plus, we created #Cavs100 to deliver our digital promotion: buy 4 tires, get $100 back.




Spacejunk is a New York based music company that creates live music experiences with curated content in an exhibition format. I created their brand identity in the form of their Brand Album along with an advertising campaign titled "What Inspires You?" that focuses on music legends and the people and events that made them into legends. I also created a series of graphics for their social media and Spotify posts promoting their Friday Listening collaborative playlists. It all comes together in the website I designed that promotes their brand, their venues, and their playlists.



Service Experts

Service Experts provides HVAC installation and repair services across the US and Canada. Bringing humanity to this otherwise highly technical category was the creative challenge. Here are two examples, developed by Mike Heronime and his creative team at Calise Partners, "Inside Man" and "Stop the Sneezes" that do just that.




Network General's game changing technology, Sniffer, had been co-opted by other technology companies so many times that it had become the generic term for the category it started. They came to us to help re-brand Sniffer and reposition them as the category leader. "Sniffer Unleashed" was created to do just that. The campaign became the foundation for their website, direct mail campaign, email campaign, and trade show marketing campaign. 




TIGI sells hairstyling products directly to consumers, but most of their sales happen to and through salons. We helped TIGI connect to salons and consumers alike through creative campaigns that ran online through social media, on branded websites, television, display advertising, and even on the jumbotron in New York City's Time Square during the Holiday shopping season. 



My Joy Yoga

My Joy Yoga is the first true virtual yoga studio of its kind. They provide subscribers with online and mobile access to live yoga classes and on-demand instructional content. We created an advertising campaign that targeted travelers in airports and train stations with our message, "The joy goes with you. Stream yoga anywhere. MyJoyYoga.com" in addition to the travel campaign, we created instructional videos for their mobile app, Facebook and Twitter company page headers, social media promotions, display advertising, and content for their email newsletter.




For Goodyear, we created this series of self mailers and emails to help support the launch of their new loyalty program and their winback campaign targeting lapsed customers. Each campaign included targeted direct mail, email and online display advertising.



Agora CBD

The makers of Agora CBD have used science to create perfect CBD. And then they cloned the results, ensuring consistent perfection every time. We discovered this fact during our brand workshop. Then we turned it into their brand strategy, "Radically Effective". Finally, we based our campaign, "Nature made perfect" on the brand strategy. Combining images of science and nature together, we created a website, sales collateral, and an email campaign that reinforces their passion for perfection. Finally, we created the Agora CBD Brand Guide that includes the brand strategy, style guide, and campaign elements.



Live Energy

For Live Energy, we developed the brand position, "Seize the Moment," because their software lets their customers buy electricity the minute the price changes in their favor. To reinforce this position, we created Energy Girl. This series of energetic graphics were used on their website, sales collateral, email and online ads.



Dorsin Dessert

Dorsin Desert is a bakery specializing in decadent delights. So we created this Nice and Naughty ad campaign for them featuring Li'l Stinker, a precocious little toon that loves sweets more than anything and would be willing to trade her little brother for some chocolate cake. The campaign is created as a series of direct mail post cards, print ads, and posters.



Footaction: Fast Fashions

Nothing in the fashion industry moves faster than athletic footwear. Everyone wants to know what's coming next. For Footaction, that means keeping their customers ahead of the game with the latest trends and all the news on the athletes that help define the fashions. Our design for their website was as progressive as the fashions it promoted. Our approach got noticed by thousands of fashion followers as well as the judges of the One Show.



Lexus of Florida

There is an exception for every rule. This fact of life became the insight we used to create the launch campaign for a new Lexus Dealership in Florida. Touting a "dealership like no other" we created a campaign that runs on all cylinders — on TV, outdoor, print, and online. This creative was developed by Mike Heronime and his creative team at Calise Partners.