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Brand Strategy


Your brand is undeniably the face of your company. It embodies everything from product labels and taglines to your approach to customer service. Your brand strategy conveys a particular attitude  — whether favorable or not — from your clients, consumers and potential customers. It’s too important to ignore.

Through years of brand building experience, we've formulated a process that combines primary and secondary research on your brand, your customers, and your competition with a creative and insightful approach to crafting a winning brand strategy.

Our unique process explores the brand's storied past, greatest strengths, unique qualities, customer segments, original personality, unique selling proposition, and it's underlying purpose. We refer to these as your Brand's Positive Attributes.

Creating a brand strategy for your brand is a collaborative process. It involves surveys of the brand's primary stakeholders, interviews with your marketing team leaders, primary and secondary research, and follow-up interviews to confirm or correct the course of the strategy. Once completed, Positive Brand conducts a Brand Strategy Presentation that includes the Brand Strategy with detailed rationale, positioning and key brand messaging. 



With a Positive Brand Strategy, you will be able to:

  • define your brand's unique value proposition
  • create impactful messaging and marketing campaigns
  • establish powerful bonds with your customers
  • establish a foundation for building the future of your brand
  • turn your competition's position into their weakness
  • produce a blueprint for all of your marketing efforts

The Service Offering
The Positive Brand Strategy includes the following services:

  • primary and secondary research on the brand
  • secondary research on the customers
  • secondary research on the competitors
  • Brand Worksheet surveys of the brand's stakeholders
  • 2 phone interviews with primary brand stakeholder
  • Brand Strategy development and definition
  • recommended positioning statements
  • Brand Strategy presentation


The Process
The following outlines the steps that will be taken in the development of your Positive Brand Strategy:

Brand Worksheet surveys conducted
Primary and secondary research conducted on brand, customers and competition
Initial phone interview with brand stakeholders (approximately 1 hour in length)
Definition of Brand’s Positive Attributes
Initial Brand Strategy options identified
Follow up phone interview with brand stakeholders (approximately 1 hour in length)
Finalization of Brand Strategy
Brand Strategy presentation (approximately 1 hour in length) which includes:
The Brand’s Positive Attributes
Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning Statements
Key Messaging



The Timing
Completion of this service will be conducted according to the following schedule:

Primary and secondary research including review of Brand Worksheets
5 Days

Initial phone interview, definition of Brand’s Positive Attributes, and Initial Brand Strategy options identified
5 Days

Follow up phone interview and finalization of Brand Strategy Presentation
2 Days

Brand Strategy Presentation
1 Day



PB-full color.png

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