Rebuilding an American Manufacturer

For more than 120 years, American Locker has been committed to providing innovative security solutions for their customers. And even though everyone recognizes their iconic orange keys and their coin-operated lockers, most people don’t recognize the brand responsible for inventing the industry. We’re changing that.

brand identity.jpg

BRAND STRATEGY AND IDENTITY. We started with a brand workshop that provided the strategic platform for positioning and the insight for redesigning their brand identity.


TRADESHOW MARKETING. American Ingenuity is our brand strategy. And it’s the driving force behind our sales message. For American Locker, that message is about people.


BRAND STORYTELLING. One of the best ways to tell their brand story is through video. So we went on location at their manufacturing facility in Las Vegas to get up close and personal.


SEM. Generating more sales for American Locker is our mission. So, working with our SEM partner, we’ve created an online strategy optimized for high conversions.


WEBSITE. Generating more sales means generating more online sales. We’ve built an e-commerce strategy that makes it easy to transact with American Locker.


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